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Íslandus is a novel natural product based on Icelandic cultural heritage and traditional cuisine. Our whey is obtained directly from the farm Erpsstaðir, in the western part of Iceland, known for its traditional production of whey and other dairy products.

Crowberries, Blueberries and Bilberries are the most common wild berries in Iceland and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Iceland Moss, Arctic Thyme, and Birch leaves are collected from the inlands and Irish Moss at the coast. All ingredients have been used throughout the ages in Iceland because of their health benefits.

Award winning eco-product


In 2012 Íslandus was chosen the most eco-innovative food product during the annual Design March, Reykjavik.

Whey is a nutritious dairy by-product, but when discarded can cause eutrophication in waters. The reason for this is its high organic content. Eutrophication happens when too much nutrients enter the water that results e.g. in algal blooms in lakes. The normal balance of the ecosystem becomes disrupted. The large amount of algae uses up much of the oxygen in the lake, which can lead to lack of oxygen for fish and other species.

The surplus of whey is a real problem in most western countries and in Europe 40% of whey is discarded. To use whey in a production of a high quality product, such as Íslandus, in an eco-friendly manner is therefore beneficial for people and  the environment.

We focus on eco-friendly production. By using renewable energy resources during the production process and local  ingredients to reduce transport we lower the Global Warming Potential of the production, compared to fossil fuel and imported ingredients by 85%.


Health benefits

Íslandus contains more than 10 fold the amount of polyphenol compounds compared to commercially available berry juices in the USA. Our measurements showed 2.3 g TCP (total polyphenol content) per 100 ml Íslandus, while in 2010 the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) published 0,2 g TCP per 100 ml blueberry juice. Research has shown that polyphenol compounds have antioxidant activity and can act protective for cells in our body.





Íslandus is inspired by the life and art of the historic figure Sölvi Helgason (1820-1895), who called him self Sólon Íslandus (the Respected Leader of Iceland) in spite of being a poor vagabond all his life.

On his travels around the country, Sölvi most certainty used wild plants as food and to colour his paintings, as well as receiving thirst quenching sip of whey from his fellow Icelanders.

The beautiful paintings of Sölvi Helgason are used to decorate our product. The whole collection Sölvi Helgason is managed at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik.



Artisan product

We take care of using only high quality raw material. The whey is obtained fresh from a farmer in the western part of Iceland. The berries and herbs are hand-picked from the inland of the country.  And this is how we produce Íslandus for all of you:



Enjoy Íslandus


Drink Íslandus pure, as a mix in smoothies and cocktails or experience it frozen. Your children will love Íslandus popsicle. It is great  to be able to give them something they like and we know is healthy.


Íslandus: a great souvenir

Treat yourself with Íslandus when in Iceland and bring it home with you when you leave the country.

Íslandus is a great gift for friends and family.

You can buy Íslandus in various shops in Iceland and in Pure Food Hall at the Keflavik Airport

We offer Íslandus in 3 different sizes:

500 ml beautiful glass bottles

187 ml light and handy plastic bottles

 40 ml glass tasters - suitable amount for a daily "health shot"


Discover our new product: Crispbread with whey, seeds and Iceland moss


Íslandus crispbread has been on the market since the summer of 2016. It is high on energy with no added sugar or additives. Our crispbread is a great in-between on its own or in combination with cheese or hummus.